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Fun in HIST 220-Prehistoric North Dakota

Today was the second meeting of HIST 220, North Dakota History, or as we refer to it as, Nodak. This is the class that I am a Teaching Assistant in, working under Dr. Porter. The topic was prehistoric North Dakota. It was quite interesting for me, as I am from Illinois and am unfamiliar with much of North Dakota history. Her energy during th lecture was quite refreshing, especially as I was a bit tired. We even made the class chuckle when she realized that her and I were somewhat dressed alike (we both wore light green Hawiian-themed bowling shirts, with her wearing khaki pants and I khaki shorts). The room was a bit more bearable today than Wednesday, which was very hot. Our class is quite large, with 150 students, making the room quite crowded. The students are a good bunch and just need to be guided in deeper thinking. While I may not get to know all their names, as I am bad with names, I do hope to get to know many of them. It will be interesting to see how the class progresses in the coming weeks.

On a lighter note, we had our departmental meet and greet, which gave us old hats a chance to just chat with the faculty and to get to know the new graduate students. It is enjoyable to hang out with the faculty and I hope that we do this more, as I would like to see us become even more connected with each other as colleagues. So, until next time, keep studying, but remember to take a break and have a little fun.

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