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Continuation of European exploration of North Dakota

On Friday (sorry for not posting that day, but it was a busy day and the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, so I was paying respects at the Memorial Union, where the AFROTC posted a guard), the class learned about more European exploration of North Dakota. We learned more about fur trading, including the construction of fur forts in the Red River Valley. After concluding the fur trade, we changed subjects to considering the creation of America as a nation. Dr. Porter discussed early means of denoting property boundaries, which were often problematic. The exampled used was paces, where she and I counted five paces, but ended up at slightly different points. This moved into discussing the Ordinance of 1785, which set specific criteria for the division of land for purchasing land. Many are familiar with the measurement of a section being 64o acres, with 36 sections being a township and 16 township, a county. The class was a bit antsy that day, with it being a Friday, as they chatted a couple times, once prompting Dr. Porter to chastise them. They began the shuffling that usually denotes an undergraduate class nearing end several minutes earlier than normal, which prompted our class to dismiss a few minutes earlier. Despite this, it was a good day in History of North Dakota.

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