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Considering Ken Bain and Settlement in North Dakota

On Tuesday, we discussed Ken Bain’s What the Best College Teachers Do. What we concluded was that while the suggestions were good and likely reflective of good teaching, Bain’s examples were not based in the reality of most college teachers, as he cited professors from more elite schools. Most college instructors work at public, often open-enrollment, universities, where students run the gambit from the motivated, to those simply there to extend high school. The latter are more than likely the hardest to reach and most of the ideas in Bain will not make a difference to their learning. We discussed a little about online education as well. We will be considering the book Teaching with Your Mouth Shut and a research project dealing with History survey classes by a former Doctor of Arts student in our program.

In addition to my class, we had fun in History of North Dakota this week. We discussed the suffering of the Mandan from smallpox and the creation of European communities in the Red River Valley, including Fort Geary (Winnipeg) and Fort Daer (Pembina). Overall, it has been a good week. This next week will be busy with a couple of observations of classes and continuing my work in Coyote Culture.

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