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Reservation and Military Life in North Dakota

On Wednesday and today in North Dakota History, we discussed the creation of the various reservations in North Dakota (Standing Rock, Fort Berthold, Turtle Mountain, and Spirit Lake) as well as the military frontier in North Dakota. Our discussion focused on the changes in size and the life on the reservations for Native Americans, including a look at the boarding schools at Fort Totten and Carlisle Indian Academy in Pennsylvania, where young Native children were taken to become good, white Americans (this is how Dr. Porter termed it to give a bit more power to the importance of the story to the students). We then shifted our attention to the creation of the various military posts in North Dakota. Many were created to serve as tribal headquarters for the reservations, but others were built to protect the railroads, mail routes, or, in the case of Fort Pembina, as pork barrel projects. Life in these outposts was harsh and monotonous, especially given the wonderful North Dakota winters. We are almost upon our first examination, which will be next Wednesday, so I expect to be a bit busier next week with students, but that is what I am paid to do.

On a side note, it is Homecoming weekend, which is also our home opener for football, which means tailgating. I am looking forward to tomorrow and watching a good game against South Dakota. Sunday is also the beginning of men’s hockey with an exebition game against Manitoba. With all that, I will find time to get work done as well.

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