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The calm before the exam

Today, we held a short review session for students to help them as they prepare for the midterm exam in North Dakota History. The few students who asked questions were focused on knowing what the essay was on and what the map portion would be like. Dr. Porter took a quick poll of the class and decided to focus the essay on The Fur Trade in North Dakota by Virginia Heidenreich, editor.

Aside from helping a few students to get ready for the exam, I spent much of the day that I was on campus thinking more about Donald Finkel’s Teaching With Your Mouth Shut and Rebecca Leber-Gottberg’s dissertation on problem-based learning in History survey courses. These two works are interesting, as they advocate methods that while potentially useful, seem too idealistic and leave me with a nagging question of how to reach students who are in college simply to get the degree and get the job, but have no real desire to do deep learning. I will discuss this a bit more tomorrow, as I will be both observing at Mayville State University and sitting in class, where we will discuss this further.

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