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Dakota Territory, Railroads, and Oral History

As I prepare to grade a few exams this evening while battling congestion and a slight headache (No, the exams are not the cause.), I thought I would recap what has happened the last few days. On Friday, we continued our examination of Dakota Territory and began looking at railroads on Monday and how the Northern Pacific Railroad came to dominate territorial and early state politics based on how much land the federal government gave them. This power ultimately led to the development of the Nonpartisan League (NPL), which is my area of focus now, in the 1910s. In addition to the lecture, Dr. Porter and I have been working to grade exams (I am doing the exams) and the students’ first encyclopedia entries.

In class today, we had a visit from Dr. Porter, who talked about oral history, public history, and the many wonderful opportunities in both areas. She also discussed the Oral History Review, the major scholarly journal in oral history, and how a journal goes about handling submissions. It was a very informative talk and I learned about several opportunities that I will attempt to take advantage of in the future. I will have a couple interesting things in the next two days to cover, including live blogging for Teaching Thursday at an upcoming colloquium on Friday and delivering a lecture on Friday for Dr. Porter, as she will be in St. Cloud for the Northern Great Plains History Conference. So, until next time, keep researching and doing history.

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