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Teaching observation-Dr. Mochoruk

Quick Note:  I made an error on an earlier post dealing with North Dakota History discussing the first part of our examination of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, as I did not post it, but saved it as a draft by accident. If you want to view it click here.

On Wednesday, October 7, several of us in HIST 551 attended Dr. Jim Mochoruk’s HIST 103 class, which was an evening class. This was by far one of the best observations I have attended. In full disclosure, I took a class with him last fall and he is a strong lecturer. That the class was in the evening, it was a bit smaller than most survey classes, but Dr. Mochoruk displayed a passion and energy that made the topics interesting. His voice carried well and he utilized the available technology. We explored a myriad of issues, including the conflicts in the colonies and slavery, which Mochoruk made more significant to the students by examining it merely as an economic system, which he was clear to stress that it was not his opinion, as the view was controversial, but brought forth the views held at the time. After class, we met and discussed his teaching philosophy, which was quite informative, as we learned a bit about the philosophy of the department regarding survey classes. Specifically, the department prefers not to use adjuncts for teaching the survey classes. Overall, it was a good evening and was the best observation thus far.

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