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Conveying the radicalism of North Dakota-Part II

Friday was interesting to say the least. I attempted to show a video to the class, but our glorious technology failed and I did not want to look foolish in front of all the students by fiddling with technology for ten minutes, so we just trooped on with lecture. We concluded our talk on the NPL’s growth and briefly looked at the decline of the League. The other issue I ran into was a lack of the notes to cover part of the Power Point, but I did my best. I will say that the class was a bit more “energetic” than normal, with the usual student disruptions, which I try not to let bother me, but when you see three of them giggling behind a laptop, it does bother me and I would very much like to throw them out of class. I look at class for traditional students as their job and if they are not going to take it seriously, they should not be there, similar to an employer sending an employee home for being troublesome. I believe that students do not face as many consequences as they should for behavior. They want to be considered adults, but act like children so much more that I find myself wanting to treat them as such. But enough of that rant, I will see you all tomorrow, as Dr. Porter will return.

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