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Getting ready for the Red River Valley History Conference

This Friday, March 5, the Beta-Upsilon Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta will host its 5th Annual Red River Valley History Conference at the Memorial Union on the UND campus. Several student will present papers on a variety of topics. In addition, staff from our Dept. of Special Collections, as well as local archivists will present a panel on careers in public history. Finally, Dr. Robin Jensen will deliver the keynote address as part of the 2010 Robert Wilkins Lecture at 4:00PM entitled “Living Water: Rituals, Spaces, and Images of Early Christian Baptism”. Below is the schedule of panels:

Panel 1: (9:15-10:30)—Memorial Room

Race and Gender in 19th Century America

Chair:  Daniel Sauerwein, UND

“No Country For End Men:  A Re-Evaluation of American Small Ensemble Blackface Minstrelsy From 1843 to 1853.” By Dorothea Nelson, UND

“Independence in Cape Palmas:  The Contentious Path for Autonomy in Maryland in Liberia” By Matthew Helm, UND

“Women and the American Civil War” By Chad Holter, UND

Panel 2: (9:15-10:30)—President’s Room

Controversy in American History


“What Are You Afraid Of? How Governments Have Reacted to Real (or unreal) Threats” By Mark Hermann, UND

“The Lost Environmentalists:  The Struggle Between Conservative Christianity and the Environment in the 1970s” By Neall Pogue, NDSU

Panel 3 (10:45-12:00)—Alumni Room

Material Culture, New Media, and How They Shape History


“Grandma’s Cookie Jar” By Kathryn Nedegaard, UND

“French Heritage Tour 2009 – Directed by Dr. Virgil Benoit with IFMidwest” By Emilie VanDeventer, UND

“William Bligh or Jack Aubrey? Two Alternative Historical Views of Nelson’s Navy” By Jon Eclov, UND

Panel 4: (1:00-2:30)—Memorial Room

“Career Paths for History Majors: Opportunities in Museums and Archives”

Chair:  Daniel Sauerwein, UND

Leah Byzewski, Director, Grand Forks County Historical Society

Curt Hanson, Head, Department of Special Collections, UND Library

Mark Peihl, Archivist, Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County

Michael Swanson, Assistant Archivist, Department of Special Collections, UND Library

Alison Voss, Head Curator/Director of Education, Bonanzaville

Panel 5: (1:00-2:30)—Alumni Room

Art and Faith in European History

Chair:  Dr. Bill Caraher, UND

“Caught between the Old Man and the New:  Women and the Body of the Soul in High Medieval Ghost Stories” By Christopher Gust, UND

“The Theology of Existential Salvation in the Interrogative Sayings of the Desert Fathers By Paul A. Ferderer, UND

“A wild boar from the forest:” Martin Luther as a Model of Rebellion, 1520-1525” By Danielle Skjelver, UND

“The New Topographics: Emergence and Legacy” By Ryan Stander, UND

Panel 6: (1:00-2:30)—President’s Room

The Power of Persuasion in early 20th Century America

Chair:  Dr. Kimberly Porter, UND

“Father Coughlin: A Historiography of the Radio Priest” By Emilie VanDeventer, UND

“Henry Ford’s Anti-Semitism and Influence on the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Nazi Party)” By Paul Robinette, UND

In addition, conference participants have the option to partake of a lunch and there will be displays for various on and off-campus entities, including the Society for Military History, Elwyn B. Robinson Dept. of Special Collections, Civil War items by Stuart Lawrence, to name a few. I hope you will come out and join us if you are in the area.

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