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Fun last few days

From Wednesday, October 13 to Saturday, October 16, we hosted the Northern Great Plains History Conference in Grand Forks, ND. There were a number of great papers and panels on a wide variety of topics. Yours truly presented papers on the social transition in Illinois Civil War camps of instruction, A. C. Townley’s leadership of the Nonpartisan League, and chaired a panel. I was also able to meet several fine graduate students all doing great things at several far-flung programs from CUNY to TCU, to even New Brunswick. It was a great amount of fun to host the conference and meet so many great scholars. I look forward to keeping in touch with those who I met.


New blog by an up and coming scholar

Glad to be posting up again. I am quite busy with class, teaching, and getting ready for the Northern Great Plains History Conference. I just stumbled upon this blog by a Navy veteran who desires to earn his doctorate and goes by Grouchy Historian. It looks interesting, but I will have to check it out a bit later. I will try to post something a little later today, but need to get back to grading.